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About Iyal

Iyal store- was started in January 2014 by an organic farmer to supply pesticide-free vegetables and also to provide a platform for organic farmers to market their products. We now have more than 12 farmers who regularly supply us with quality products. Our farmers are driven by principle rather than economics. Iyal also intends to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers thus ensuring that the farmers get the due for their hard work.We operate mostly on fixed pricing model which will make sure the farmers decide the price of their produce and will remain mostly unchanged all year thru. It will help an organic farmer to stay motivated in this noble profession (In spite of so many hardships they face) and also will allow new aspirants into farming.

It will be great if you could share about iyal and its motto with your near and dear ones. This way you could ensure their good chemical health, and also the health of other living organisms and more importantly the health of the only living planet we know.



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iyal the Concept

The benefits of Our Mother Earth was aesthetically formulated without breaking the Eco cycle, by our ancestors in the form of rich South Indian Traditional practices for a holistic life. We Dravidians indeed are gifted to be born of that origin. Research has proved that the Tamil Cultural practices are perfect for a healthy lifestyle in this resourceful Earth where the bond with the nature is never broken at any point But with the technological fascination we tend to forget the benefits of our culture and it is high time for us now to believe the truth that our tradition and its heritage had everything that we have lost at present.

They (ancestors) controlled technology but now we are been controlled by technology…
It is never right to live a life neither by destroying the natural resources nor by increasing the carbon footprint. Highly advanced superior quality automated buildings and houses are nothing but the symptom of creating a desert in the future. In a scientifically strong world, our factories and industries aren’t innovated yet to recycle its waste by itself and as a result the percentage of pollution is increasing every single day.

Human population growth rate is proportional to the extinction rate of other living creatures/plants/trees.We hardly have time to think of all these as we are busy running behind money , to acquire things we really dont need , to Our grandchildren might not need the luxurious cars or automated buildings but they definitely need fresh air to breathe, pure water to drink and natural food to stay healthy.
With purity, Iyal was born in a bid to restore the nature in Earth. We ought to get back to the basics, the basics of giving nature its due respect by utilizing its rich renewable sources and providing it back with an environment for its development.

We must reiterate the habit of preserving biodiversity to the next generation by making them aware of the importance of growing trees, merits of organic farming, and benefits of water conservation. Though High End Technological advancements are unavoidable, it is equally important that we follow the natural practices of developing a better earth for the favorable Future.

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